Common-mode choke series targets DC power line applications

November 17, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Common-mode choke series targets DC power line applications
The compact, low-profile Model SRF7035A Series from Bourns meets board space constraints providing EMI suppression and noise filtering on high voltage/current DC power lines.

Electronic components supplier Bourns, Inc has introduced a new automotive grade, AEC-Q200 compliant SRF7035A Common Mode Choke Series designed to support high voltage and current in DC power line applications. There are five impedance ratings with voltages up to 80 VDC and current up to 5 A. This gives designers additional flexibility and expands the use for compact common mode filters in power applications. This rugged, compact and low-profile series is offered in a surface mount package and is a drop-in replacement for similarly-rated solutions. As board space constraints drive component profile and footprint minimization, an option now exists for a compact surface mount design common mode filter for DC power lines.

The SRF7035A Series feature a wide operating temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C, rugged shielded construction for low radiation, a special rectangular-shaped ferrite ring core for reduced noise, and H-class enameled wire for high temperature capability. These features make the series an optimal choice for electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression and noise filtering on DC power lines in DC-DC converters, switch-mode power supplies and power systems for automotive, consumer, industrial and other electronics markets.

The new series also offers windings in a segment-wound configuration that provides high common mode impedance over a broad frequency range and increased differential mode impedance above 100 megahertz (MHz). Bourns' latest common mode chokes deliver superior strength to meet various mechanical stresses via the device's clamping U-shaped terminals. A protective plastic shield covers the choke's surface and wires and separates N1 and N2 windings, allowing a Hi-Pot capability of 500 VAC at 3 mA for 1 sec. Rated at 80 VDC, the SRF7035A Series is ideal for next-generation applications where DC voltage is shifting from 12 V to 24 V and 48 V.


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