Compact lidar sensor at bargain price

September 22, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Compact lidar sensor at bargain price
Performance up, price and space down: These are the parameters around which the current hottest race in the automotive electronics market for lidar sensors has broken out. Now Cepton Technologies is entering the race with a new candidate. The Vista-X90 falls below the $1000 mark - with compact dimensions and low power consumption.

The Vista-X90 is the latest addition to the Cepton Vista-X family of sensors for automotive applications. According to the manufacturer, the sensor sets new standards with its high performance at low power consumption and small size. This makes the Vista-X90 ideal for use in driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs). Weighing less than 900g, the Vista-X90 has a range of up to 200m with 10% reflectivity, excellent angular resolution of 0.13° and power consumption of less than 12W. The sensor supports frame rates of up to 40 Hz.

Optimised for integration into vehicles, the Vista-X90 is based on Cepton's patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT). MMT is a smooth, mirror- and rotation-free lidar architecture that enables high resolution and 3D imaging over a long range. At the same time, the technology offers the necessary robustness and reliability to meet the high demands of the automotive industry, the manufacturer promises

The Vista-X90 is based on Cepton's proprietary ASIC technology. It complies with the ISO26262 ASIL-B safety standard and supports Autosar and Over-the-Air (OTA) functionality. In addition, the sensor offers advanced capabilities for factory, extrinsic and dynamic calibration.

With a width of 120 mm, a depth of 110 mm and a front height of less than 45 mm, the Vista-X90 is compact and easy to install. The field of view of 90° x 25°, combined with the directional rotation-free design allows seamless integration into the vehicle, for example in the front fairing, behind the windscreen or on the roof.

The lidar sensor consists of low-cost components and is based on a modular and scalable architecture that can be produced in large quantities. This makes it suitable for large-scale production. Cepton has licensed its technology to the world's largest automotive headlight supplier Koito. This gives Koito non-exclusive rights to manufacture and sell Cepton's automotive lidar technology using Cepton's key modules.

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