Compact measurement and calibration hardware for connected ECUs

July 15, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Compact measurement and calibration hardware for connected ECUs
With the VX1161 Multi Base Module, development tool manufacturer Vector has introduced a modular and individually configurable solution for measuring and calibrating several interconnected ECUs. In the development of ADAS applications, the VX1161 Multi Base Module enables the measurement of raw and XCP data from multiple radar sensors and XCP data from ADAS fusion ECUs within one compact device.

As a scalable solution with highest performance, the VX1000 system is predestined for measurement and calibration tasks of developers of vehicle assistance systems. The device forms the interface between ECU and a measurement and calibration tool like CANape. It can be used in the vehicle both in the interior and in the engine compartment, on test benches and in the laboratory.

The VX1000 base module is connected to the PC via the ASAM standard protocol XCP on Ethernet. With its modular and individually configurable design, the VX1161 Multi Base Module is an ideal solution for measuring and calibrating multiple interconnected ECUs. A selection of interface cards, tailored to the respective measurement task, is inserted into the basic housing of the VX1161 Multi Base Module. The base is always equipped with a power supply card and a host uplink card for connection to the measuring computer. There are also 6 additional slots available, which can be equipped with network, POD or streaming interface cards as required.

The device offers highest transmission rates for powerful measurement and adjustment access to the internal data of several ECUs simultaneously. At the same time, it offers significant space and cost savings with simplified installation and cabling for measurement applications in an ECU network with full VX1000 functionality.

Because the demands in the development of future ADAS generations will certainly increase, the device is equipped with sufficient bandwidth through 2 x 10 Gbit/s Ethernet connection to the measurement PC.

IEEE 1588 PTP and Vector hardware sync via SYNCcable enable time synchronization of all plug-in units. The VX1161 Multi Base Module is delivered pre-configured according to customer specifications; customers also have the option of exchanging interface cards themselves. Sufficient performance reserves are available for later upgrades and expansions.

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