Comprehensive development and test solution for EV charging technologies

March 26, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Comprehensive development and test solution for charging technologies
With its Smart Charging Solution, development tool provider dSpace is now offering automobile manufacturers and charging station suppliers a comprehensive tool platform for the development and testing of technologies for intelligent charging. The products takes into account international standards, guarantees interoperability and supports developers of onboard chargers, charging columns and, in the future, inductive charging systems with a comprehensive range of test options and dynamic models.

Primary requirements in the development of the Smart Charging Solution were easy integration into existing test systems and the ability to use the test depth flexibly, depending on customer requirements. Extensive adaptations are possible both at the electrical and protocol level. dSpace's solution consists of a software part containing an open model and a special hardware module for ISO15118. This ensures adaptation to powerline communication. Logging of all communication events allows the manual or automatable checking of the intended behavior and compliance with the protocol specification as well as error diagnosis. This also supports the execution of conformance tests according to standards.

Typical use cases are the test of onboard chargers and charging columns as well as the test of communication modules according to different charging standards and the simulation of errors during communication. With the help of the dSpace Smart Charging Solution, for example, a wide variety of charging stations can be displayed in the laboratory and the error-free functionality of the ECU can be ensured.

Conversely, it will also be possible to test the compatibility of the charging station developed with a large number of simulated vehicles.

Another focus is the development of onboard chargers. If no software or hardware for charging communication is available when a vehicle charge controller is developed, the vehicle ECUs or their communication controllers can be substituted by the dSpace solution for testing in vehicle prototypes.

In combination with the dSpace tool suite for simulating engines, ASM, vehicle dynamics, electrical components, and the traffic environment, the Smart Charging Solution becomes a turnkey application for testing battery-powered electric vehicles, including real-time simulation of the high-voltage battery. The model also includes an emulation of the charging station, where the charging voltage depends on the vehicle power consumption, which is given by the charging control unit under test in the vehicle. If no charge controller is available, ASM offers the simulation of an ECU that applies

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