Computer platform enables insurance companies to view vehicle data

July 20, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Computer platform enables insurance companies to view vehicle data
NXP and Moter Technologies have jointly developed a data exchange platform that provides deep data from connected vehicles to the insurance industry. Moter, an insurance technology company, aims to connect the automotive and insurance ecosystems with its analytics software.

The data exchange platform combines NXP's S32G2 vehicle network processors, which enable advanced in-vehicle edge computing and provide access to vehicle-wide data, with Moter's data analytics software. The platform can be used to monetise vehicle data for new and improved motor insurance services.

The insurance industry has a vested interest in accessing telematics data from vehicles. Access to a broader automotive data pool with more detailed and accurate insights will allow the development of next-generation analytics tools for actuarial analysis, new mobility product development and claims management.

It is true that connected vehicles generate terabytes of data every hour, some of which can be used to develop sophisticated insurance models. However, their use by car manufacturers and insurance companies is severely hampered on the technical side - in addition to the applicable data protection and privacy laws - by a lack of available data processing platforms with appropriate performance, security and centralised access to vehicle-wide data.

This is why NXP and Moter are now providing a joint platform that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the insurance industry. It can also be used for fleet management purposes, explains Michael Fischer, Chief Digital Officer at Moter. The platform runs sophisticated risk algorithms that can be updated over-the-air and combined with an insurer's or a mobility company's customised insurance algorithms. This allows insurance companies to gain marketable insights about driver's behaviour and potential risk factors asscoiated with this. The Moter platform can be licensed for use in OEM vehicles to facilitate data sharing with insurers and mobility companies willing to subscribe and pay for insights into vehicle users' driving behaviour. In this way, new data-driven functions and features can be developed, including - but by no means limited to - insurance companies.

NXP's GoldBox reference design, based on the chipmaker's recently unveiled

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