Concept Car highlights human-car relationship

October 21, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Concept Car highlights human-car relationship
Kyocera has presented a concept car that focuses on the dynamic relationship between man and car. The Japanese electronics manufacturer plays with elements such as sound, light - and smell.

In view of current developments in autonomous driving, Kyocera has focused primarily on the car's interior in the development of its concept car, which has been christened "Moeye". The company, which actually specializes in electronics and technical ceramics applications, developed a cockpit that combines innovative approaches with original vehicle design. The developers also were able to draw on their extensive experience in the design and production of displays. In cooperation with Professor Masahiko Inami from the Research Center for Applied Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, Kyocera was able to implement a unique virtual representation of the environment in the concept car. This expands the passengers' view by making the cockpit seemingly transparent: On the dashboard, instead of the virtual instruments, a 3D image of the road in front of the vehicle, captured by a camera, appears. Kyocera calls this technology "camouflage.

The Kyocera engineers also play with the use of head-up displays (HUDs): Instead of a HUD, the high-resolution projection of a small figure ("mobisuke") appears on the windshield and provides the driver with information, for example, about navigation.

To provide better visibility, Moeye's virtual dashboard (below) can be switched to a view of the road ahead of the vehicle (top). (Source: Kyocera)

The ceiling and ambience lights are equipped with biologically friendly lighting that, thanks to Kyocera's Ceraphic LEDs, can adapt better to the spectrum and should enable more subtle color differences than conventional LED technology. Ceraphic is similar to the spectrum of natural sunlight, and the lighting conditions in the morning and evening are also taken into account. This should result in a more pleasant driving experience.

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