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October 21, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Concept Car highlights human-car relationship
Kyocera has presented a concept car that focuses on the dynamic relationship between man and car. The Japanese electronics manufacturer plays with elements such as sound, light - and smell.

In addition to these optical highlights, the Moeye also has a feature that is designed to appeal to the haptic: The virtual switches on the dashboard and center console are equipped with Koycera's tactile feedback technology Haptivity. With the touch, the pressure of the fingertip triggers small vibrations that imitate the feeling of pressing a button. This is a step towards improving the interface between man and machine, because simple touch displays do not offer such a haptic feedback.

Moeye also has something to offer for the ear: Instead of conventional loudspeakers, the concept car has integrated vibrating loudspeakers which, thanks to piezoelectric elements, distribute sound throughout the entire interior, thus creating a pleasant listening environment. Among other things, these vibration loudspeakers are located in the headrests.

Last but not least, Kyocera is trying to create a pleasant ambience with olfactory elements: If desired, the concept car will emit certain fragrances in the interior. Depending on their current mood, occupants can choose between five different scents - another measure to enhance the well-being of the driver and passengers during the journey.

Lead designer Ryuhei Ishimaru, President of Fortmarei Inc, explains the background to Moeye: "The design theme of Moeye is 'time'. This concept car was designed to embody the automotive history from 'traditional' to Kyocera's 'car of the future'. The exterior profile appears like a classic coupe, while the details and geometric shapes show a clear futuristic development. The interior, equipped with the latest technologies, has new shapes and warm textures that recall an era of handcrafted craftsmanship. The cockpit consists of a minimalist design with a futuristic feel, inspired by a virtual reality experience. You can feel the future emerging from the tradition of the automobile in a way that appeals to several of the five human senses and is not just about form and design".

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