Conductive inks set out to conquer automotive electrics

April 15, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Conductive inks set out to conquer automotive electrics
The automotive sector has become an important target market for suppliers of conductive printing inks, says technology consulting firm IDTechEx. A recent report from the company describes in detail the potential applications of this technology in vehicles.

Traditional automotive applications of conductive Inks include printed defrosters, especially on rear windows. This is a mature and quite extensive business. An important trend here is the implementation of transparent and efficient large-area heating to eliminate the visible defroster wires in the rear windows. Here, printable metal mesh is an excellent candidate for future use, which has already made good progress in the qualification process. In addition, transparent heating can find further applications, especially in the defrosting of environment sensors used in highly automated and autonomous driving, e.g. cameras as well as radar or lidar sensors.

Furthermore, seat heaters are also an established field of application with ample opportunities for growth. Printed heaters can find further applications in vehicle interiors, says IDTechEx expert Khasha Ghaffarzadeh. Printed seat occupancy sensors and other printed sensors are also a possibility with strong growth potential.

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