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September 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Consortium submits ideas to make vehicle electronics simpler, more robust
The 3Car development consortium expects half of the newly registered vehicles to be electric, always on and / or automated by 2030. Now the group has submitted its final report. The way there: domain computers are to replace the monofunctional ECUs scattered throughout the vehicle.

The smart battery

Up to now, high cabling costs in vehicle batteries have led to high costs and lower reliability. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institutes IISB and IPA, 3Ccar has developed a modular and flexible concept for future batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles. The sensors and electronic components are integrated with the battery cell network instead of at battery pack level. This approach is completely new, simplifies battery management and offers the opportunity to produce competitive "Smart Batteries Made in Europe" in the future. The system contains fewer individual parts, is therefore less prone to faults and thus contributes to the robustness of the vehicle architecture.

Safety shutdown for fuel cells

With the help of Infineon, Daimler, Fraunhofer IISB and Lange Aviation, 3Ccar has developed a new safety cut-out for discharging fuel cells. Compared to today's competitor products, this is more compact and can be reused. While previous concepts can only be used once because they are destroyed by activation, the new development can short-circuit the fuel cell several times and then release it again.

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