Continental, Amazon Web Services create automotive software platform

April 19, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Continental, Amazon Web Services create automotive software platform
In order to be able to develop powerful software for future vehicle generations more quickly and roll it out in the vehicles, Continental is now building a software platform together with Amazon Web Services (AWS). An important aspect of this is that the platform should enable function updates over the entire life of the vehicle.

The aim of Continental’s long-term collaboration with AWS as the preferred cloud provider is to develop Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge) - a hardware and software platform that connects the vehicle to the cloud and provides a virtual workbench with numerous options for developing, deploying and maintaining software-intensive system functions. This allows vehicle owners and operators to easily integrate new features and download software updates throughout the life of their vehicle.

With CAEdge, Continental aims to strengthen its role in the development of modern vehicle architectures and software. The platform, which is already being tested in the series development of an unnamed car manufacturer, is intended to provide OEMs and their suppliers with a development environment for software-intensive vehicle architectures, enabling them to implement software, sensor and Big Data solutions in a fraction of the development time previously required. As a result, vehicle software can be developed and tested more efficiently.

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In the first project, camera and radar data from a vehicle fleet will be imported into the CAEdge platform and then used for virtual simulations of highly automated driving. Particularly for the processing of such large amounts of data, Continental sees CAEdge as a powerful development environment that supports all steps in the development of highly automated and autonomous driving systems: from sensor data acquisition and processing, data management, model training and virtual simulations to updating the vehicle software. Thus, individual development steps that used to take several weeks due to the effort required to transfer data and train algorithms can now be completed in just a few hours. This is made possible by the scalable computing capacity of AWS and by machine learning.

With CAEdge, all developers and participating companies will in future work in a standardized, automated development environment with the same tools, test procedures and security precautions. Customers will additionally benefit from AWS data centres and a network designed

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