Continental brings 3D display to a series car

March 16, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Continental brings 3D display to a series car
Hyundai is giving its luxury Genesis GV-80 SUV a three-dimensional display unit for the instrument cluster. The 3D display is built by Continental. However, the tier one supplier already has a successor technology in development.

The autostereoscopic display used in the GV-80 depicts instrument scales, pointers and other objects in three dimensions. Warning symbols such as a stop sign can also be highlighted in this way. Special eyeglasses for the driver are not required. Instead, Continental uses so-called parallax barriers - slanted screens that divide the image for the viewer: As when looking at real objects, the right and left eyes each achieve a slightly offset image, resulting in a three-dimensional impression. However, the 3D image quality depends heavily on the driver's head position. A camera therefore monitors the driver's line of vision and adjusts the display accordingly.

The 3D cluster is not associated to a dedicated ECU. Instead, in the Hyundai Genesis, a so-called cross-domain hub takes over this task. This high-performance computer is a further step in Hyundai's strategy - and basically, that of the entire automotive industry - to reduce the complexity of the electronic systems in the car while saving installation space and weight.

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