Continental massively expands commitment to AI

November 12, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Continental massively expands commitment to AI
Technology company Continental (Hanover, Germany) intends to focus more on Artificial Intelligence in the future. To this end, the company plans to expand its team of AI experts over the next few years from currently around 400 to around 700 employees. The use of AI should not be limited to products such as driver assistant systems (ADAS) or control systems for autonomous vehicles - the company also plans to use its expertise to improve operational processes.

On the product side, Continental wants to use AI to automate mobility tasks. The AI will simplify commuting and travel for all stakeholders, explained Demetrio Aiello, head of Continental’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics research division, during a kind of corporate-wide townhall meeting called AIRday (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) by Continental in Frankfurt (Germany). In process automation, AI is intended to make the work of employees easier. "Monotonous tasks will be further automated and relevant information from huge amounts of data will become more recognizable," announced Aiello.

At the AIRday (which will be repeated at regular intervals in the future), experts from ten countries and three continents discussed the opportunities and possibilities of AI in production and logistics. In this way, the AI creates improved opportunities both within the framework of quality assurance at the end of the production line and in the classical IT fields such as Enterprise Resource Planning or Supply Chain Management. Optimized demand forecasts are to be made possible as well as a reduction of set-up and service times, since the service forecasts are improved by the use of AI. The experts expressed their belief that that AI systems can contribute to cost reduction.

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