Continental, Oxford University drive deep learning for cars

November 16, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Continental, Oxford University drive deep learning for cars
Artificial intelligence with deep learning as one of its sub-disciplines is increasingly becoming a cornerstone technology for smarter vehicles. Object recognition and human-machine interaction are two of the hottest AI topics in the automotive world. Supplier Continental and the University of Oxford have launched a joint research activity in this area.

The collaboration has been started recently and is focusing on new usage opportunities and development chances for AI algorithms aiming at improving future mobility applications. Continental expects new insights how AI can be used in autonomous driving, in improving future vehicle access systems, reducing accidents and in making the dialog between machine and driver more sensitive, explained Continental Corporate Technology Officer Kurt Lehmann.


Both the Engineering Sciences faculty of the Oxford University and the German supplier share a vision “of a world where the transportation of people and goods is fully aoutomated and seamless and thus time and mental resources can be freed up for other tasks”, said Lionel Tarassenko, head of the Engineering Sciences faculty. Continental intends to contribute its expertise in the field of mobility to the research activities while the Oxford University will offer its competence of AI algorithms.


The collaboration includes creating new postdoctoral research positions at Oxford. Both partners expressed their intention to extend the research scope and time frame of the activities at a later point in time.


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