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July 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
A glimpse of the future: Multiple mobility technologies
At its recent TechShow, automotive supplier Continental demonstrated the technology developments that the company intends to use to help shape the mobility of the future. Yes, mobility should look green and efficient and safe in the future - but what does that mean in detail?

The camera data, which is permanently evaluated by the associated software, shows, for example, whether the driver is attentive or distracted, whether he has turned to the children in the rear seats or his smartphone, whether he has his hands on the steering wheel or behind his head. "With the new camera system, the vehicle and driver are informed about each other at all times. Ultimately, this is about trust. People can rely on the technology not to suddenly and unprepared give them back their responsibility, but to do so according to clear and comprehensible criteria," says Georg Binder, Head of Strategy & Planning, Driver Assistance Systems Business Unit at Continental.

Image 4: Monitoring the traffic situation ahead and the vehicle interior, the
"Road AND Driver" camera also runs AI algorithms on its built-in processor.
Nevertheless, it is not bigger than a standard forward-looking camera.

However, the data from the interior camera can not only be evaluated for a safe transfer of the driving function. Using the "Occupant Safety Monitor" software function, they can also be used to optimally adapt passive safety systems such as seat belts or airbags to the respective situation. For example, the deployment of the airbags can then be specifically adapted to the determined interior situation, thus optimising their protective effect.

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