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July 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
A glimpse of the future: Multiple mobility technologies
At its recent TechShow, automotive supplier Continental demonstrated the technology developments that the company intends to use to help shape the mobility of the future. Yes, mobility should look green and efficient and safe in the future - but what does that mean in detail?

Technically, the camera is a multifunction camera with a second imager and infrared LED for the lighting. Features of this latest generation of Continental’s front cameras are a high image resolution ranging from 1 to 8 megapixels, excellent night vision properties and an aperture angle of up to 125 degrees to detect crossing objects in traffic. In addition to the classic computer vision processes, neural networks are used that run on the built-in processor.

Continental also continues to do a large part of its business with tires. It therefore makes sense that the company is also concerned about the design of the tires and wheels. In the ContiAdopt concept study, the engineers are developing a wheel that will allow the contact area to be adapted to changed road conditions while the vehicle is in motion. It is based on an intelligent rim with dynamically variable width: with a large footprint, such a tire offers good grip on dry roads; for optimum handling on wet surfaces, the footprint can be reduced to reduce the width of the tire.


Flexible: Continental is developing a wheel with variable geometries.
The related mechanics and electronics are integrated in the rim.

The "intelligent wheel" contains communication devices and actuators in the rim, which also accommodates the required battery. Future tires will also be equipped with sensors to detect the penetration of a foreign object or abrasion, for example, and to report this to the driver, or in the case of fully autonomous vehicles to the operator's service center.



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