CoolSiC sixpack targets traction applications

May 03, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
CoolSiC sixpack targets traction applications
The HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC from Infineon for blocking voltages of 1200V is a full-bridge module designed for applications in traction converters in electric vehicles. The manufacturer has now introduced a new version with SiC semiconductors.

The new power module is based on Infineon's CoolSiC trench MOSFET technology for automotive applications and enables higher efficiency, power density and performance. As a result, the module leads to higher efficiency in inverters and enables longer ranges at lower battery costs - especially in vehicles with 800 V battery systems and large battery capacity.

"The Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) 800 V system provides the technological basis for the next generation of electric vehicles with reduced charging time," said Dr Jin-Hwan Jung, head of the Electrification Development Team at Hyundai Motor Group. "Thanks to the efficiency gain from the lower losses of this SiC solution compared to Si solutions, we were able to increase the range of our vehicle by more than 5%."

The HybridPACK Drive module based on silicon EDT2 technology was first introduced in 2017. It is optimised to deliver the best efficiency in real-world driving cycles. Within the 750 and 1200 V class, the module offers a scalable power range from 100 kW to 180 kW. It is Infineon's market-leading power module with a track record of more than one million units shipped for more than 20 electric vehicle platforms.

The new CoolSiC module is based on Infineon's silicon carbide trench MOSFET structure. Compared to planar structures, the trench structure enables higher cell density, resulting in a competitively superior performance metric. For this reason, trench MOSFETs can be operated at low gate oxide field strengths, resulting in higher reliability.

With the same footprint, the power module allows an easy switch from silicon to silicon carbide. As a result, the inverter design achieves higher power of up to 250kW for the 1200V class, longer range, smaller battery size and optimised system size at lower cost. The module is available in two versions with different chip counts, so that either a 400A or a 200A DC rated current version is available within the 1200V class. This creates an

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