Cyber security management solution is addressing car development

June 03, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Cyber security management solution is addressing car development
In February 2019, the EU launched a cyber security initiative to advance Europe in this critical area. Threatget, an Austrian product jointly developed by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and Sparx Services CE, is already available. It helps automotive developers to identify threats at an early stage and to quickly assess the associated risks.

With the introduction of the new European Security Directive according to ECE Level (UNECE WP29), vehicle manufacturers will have to submit proof of the cyber security of their vehicle systems in order to obtain approval for their products. From now on, manufacturers will have to prove every three years that they use a certified cyber security management system that covers all stages from vehicle engineering to documentation. With this cyber security management system, they must check all vehicle types for cyber security, identify and document the potential threat and address and demonstrably solve security-critical problems with proposed solutions.

A prerequisite for this cyber security check is a tool that enables manufacturers to check their systems for ECE conformity in the first place. This is where Threatget steps in: The software provides IT system designers with effective support for security precautions against potential cyber attacks. The two development partners, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Sparx Services, contribute complementing competencies: AIT develops state-of-the-art AI technologies for use in a critical market segment and has perfected Threatget technology over the years, while Sparx Services has in-depth knowledge of model-based system development using the Enterprise Architect modeling platform. This makes it possible to take safety and security requirements into account as early as the design phase of systems, the providers advertise.

In the context of a rapidly growing security engineering industry, Threatget addresses the target group of vehicle manufacturers as well as all companies that analyze vehicle architectures and systems in order to issue certificates (e.g. TÜV) and persons in the automotive training environment.

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