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June 03, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Cyber security management solution is addressing car development
In February 2019, the EU launched a cyber security initiative to advance Europe in this critical area. Threatget, an Austrian product jointly developed by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and Sparx Services CE, is already available. It helps automotive developers to identify threats at an early stage and to quickly assess the associated risks.

The Threatget database of threat potential threats and proposed solutions is currently maintained and maintained within the framework of applied research and development. Users receive a list of possible problems and associated solutions for the desired system model (e.g. for their vehicle platform), which are then implemented by a security engineer. This manually maintained catalogue also includes updates to other threat catalogues, which are additionally compiled by Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT), for example. With the help of algorithms that make use of artificial intelligence (AI), the Threatget catalog will be automatically updated with these external threat catalogs in the future. In this way, AI will help to keep the complexity of the ever-increasing networking of our systems manageable in the future.

Threatget makes it possible to guarantee the same basic security principle for all manufacturers in the future. In addition, it should also be possible for manufacturers of special vehicles (e.g. for the security sector) to build on this basic security principle and at the same time manually extend certain security levels and rules in their vehicle systems.


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