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February 01, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Data standard for autonomous navigation wanted
Several carmakers and suppliers have joined forces to standardize the data formats used in vehicle navigation. After a failed attempt to establish an ISO standard several years ago, the development towards autonomous driving brings the matter to the table again.

Smartphone apps are less exact and inferior to embedded navigation systems, because the latter have access to more sensors and thus can make more reliable and more exact driving decisions. “We see that there is some competition between smartphone and embedded navigation”, Sasse said, but for autonomous driving the sensor data from the vehicle itself are indispensable.” For example, GPS data are exact to a deviation of 5 to 10 meters. If the GPS data are enhanced by vehicle data, an accuracy of 10 cm can be achieved, Sasse explained.


Currently the association is focused on European and Asian companies, but the group is in the process of establishing contacts to North American suppliers and system vendors as well. “We are in talks with the Silicon Valley”, Sasse claimed.


In the interview with eeNews Europe, Sasse shared some insights to the American market. EV vendor Tesla, for instance is already using the standardized in parts and indirectly through suppliers. However, Tesla is not a member of the group. “More than other OEMs, Tesla relies on their internal sensors for autonomous driving”, Sasse said.


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