DC/DC regulator excels through ultra-low quiescent power

November 15, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
DC/DC regulator excels through ultra-low Iq
As electronic content in cars and industrial equioment continues to increase, so does the continuous draw of keep-alive systems on the battery. To load the battery as little as possible and keep the system alive even during extended periods, Allegro Microsystems has developed the ARG8180, an ultra-low Iq, low EMI DC/DC regulator.

The product is capable of wide switching frequency up to 2.4 MHz to avoid critical “keep out” zones (e.g., the AM band), as well as frequency dithering and slew rate control to minimise switching noise. It also offers unique “dithering-on-sync” CLKOUT, which can be used for other switching converters in the system.

The ARG81800 DC/DC regulator draws just 8 μA, from VIN while regulating 3.3V or 5.0 Vout at no load. In comparison to the typical ~100uA budgeted for automotive battery-powered subsystems, this low Iq solution frees up significant overhead to be allocated to other current draws that may occur in the system, allowing more design margin.

The ARG81800 is supplied in a low profile 20-pin wettable flank QFN package with exposed power pad.

More information: ARG81800 DC/DC regulator

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