Delphi’s mobility business will bear the name Aptiv PLC

September 27, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Delphi’s mobility business will bear the name Aptiv PLC
Delphi Automotive has announced the names Aptiv and Delphi Technologies for the two highly specialized companies that will result from the spin-off of Delphi's Powertrain business. Delphi announced this news at his Investor Day in Boston. The business strategies of both companies were also presented there.

Aptiv consists of the business units Electronics and Safety and Electronic and Electrical Architecture. They act with the goal of accelerating the commercialization of technologies for active safety, autonomous driving, user experience and communication services (connectivity). The company will supply the software, computer platforms and network architectures - the "electronic brain" and the "central nervous system" of the automobile. Delphi's former CEO Kevin Clark will take over as CEO of Aptiv.

The Powertrain division will be called Delphi Technologies. It is intended to transfer the historical strength of the Delphi brand name to car manufacturers and the parts and accessories market, and to devote itself to the development of combustion engine drive technologies, software, engine management and finally electrification. Liam Butterworth, currently Senior Vice President of Delphi's Powertrain division, is expected to be appointed as CEO.

Both names will become legally effective upon completion of the division planned for March 31,2018. Aptiv will then be traded under the ticker symbol "APTV"; Delphi Technologies will receive the ticker symbol "DLPH".

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