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November 17, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Device intensifies haptic feedback
Alps Alpine has enhanced its family of Haptic Reactor devices with a new model targeting automotive touchscreens: The product, which has so far mainly been used in gaming and VR applications, should now also help to improve the user interface of cars. The new Haptic Reactor Heavy type provides powerful vibrations in touch feedback for navigation, ADAS and HVAC controls.

The Haptic Reactor Heavy type is for installation behind the front panel of car navigation or other systems. Earlier vibration devices have had many issues, including the need for bigger dimensions and a booster circuit to generate the power required to cause a heavy relatively object such as a display, to vibrate. Alps Alpine developed the Haptic Reactor Heavy Type to address these issues. Using a different internal structure to Alps Alpine’s existing Hybrid Tough Type and only one resonance point, the Heavy Type achieves a 15G excitation force at a low frequency (130Hz). A small input voltage of 7V means there is no need for a booster circuit, contributing to greater freedom in end product design.

The product has a mounting tab and harness connector for greater installation ease. The specifications allow easy incorporation not only behind displays but across the vehicle cabin, such as in the steering wheel, seats and door trims. The device works with specific driver ICs from Cirrus Logic, Dongwoon Anatech, or Dialog Semiconductor to generate vibration patterns matching the particular conditions and requirements of end product manufacturers.

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