Digital headlight system with 30,000 pixels goes into series production

November 20, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Digital headlight system with 30,000 pixels goes into series production
Lighting specialist Hella KGaA (Lippstadt, Germany) has developed a high-resolution LED matrix headlamp system with more than 30,000 individually controllable pixels. The Digital Light SSL HD thus enables new safety functions such as the projection of optical road markings on the road. It will be used in a series car from an unnamed OEM.

The matrix headlamp system is intended to increase road safety and increase passenger comfort with new functions. With the help of the SSL HD lighting technology, additional light-based safety functions can be implemented, for example in the form of an optical lane assistant, in addition to the further improvement of already established lighting functions such as adaptive, glare-free high beam. This can, for example, indicate the optimum lane on narrow construction sites and thus additionally support the driver in stable vehicle guidance. Another possible safety-enhancing functionality is the projection of protection zones for cyclists or pedestrians.

In perspective, the Digital Light SSL HD also makes it possible to open up new business models. On this basis, Hella offers original equipment manufacturers the option of freely programming lighting functions or developing new business models on a pay-per-use basis. Here, certain lighting functions are always stored in the vehicle, but are only adapted and activated to individual user requirements on request and then controlled and paid for using a mobile device, for example.

The new system is a further development and miniaturisation of existing matrix LED systems. Together with an enlarged light-emitting surface, the significantly higher number of pixels in particular is the basis for a large number of new functionalities. The more than 30,000 light points are generated by light sources just the size of a fingernail. SSL HD technology therefore requires less installation space and higher efficiency, thus offering vehicle manufacturers additional freedom in individual vehicle design. A first series order from a European premium manufacturer for a large series production has already been acquired. Production will start in 2022.

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