Digital system from ADI ensures peace and quiet in Hyundai cars

January 22, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Digital system from ADI ensures peace and quiet in Hyundai cars
Korean car manufacturer Hyundai plans to introduce the industry's first system for digital cancellation of driving noise. It is based on A²B (Automotive Audio Bus) technology from Analog Devices (ADI).

Hyundai's planned RANC (Road-noise Active Noise Control) system is designed to drastically reduce the driving noise inside a car. The system can analyze different types of noise in real time and compensate by generating inverted sound waves. The various types of driving noise that the new technology can process include resonance noise between tires and wheels, for example, or rumbling noises coming from the road.

The automaker has recognized the importance of a low-noise interior for the driving experience of the occupants and thus for the market acceptance of the manufacturer. The company chose A2B technology primarily because it has the low latency required, said Kang-Duck Ih, Research Fellow at Hyundai. Working with ADI, Hyundai's engineers have been able to reduce the cost, weight and design complexity of such a system to the point where it is suitable for mass deployment.

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