Digitization mixes up after-sales business : Page 2 of 2

August 27, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Digitization mixes up after-sales business
The automotive after-sales business will change fundamentally by 2030, predicts study from McKinsey. Up to 100 billion euros - 40% of the industry's total profit - will be redistributed between car manufacturers, suppliers, independent garages, parts dealers and new competitors such as technology companies.

Technological developments in vehicles will also change the aftermarket: The increasing number of electric cars - with their lower wear - and the development towards automated driving - with fewer accidents - could dampen growth in the German after-sales business by up to 10%.

The study summarizes the main developments affecting the after-sales business in ten trends. Among the most important are electromobility and the increasing importance of software. Electric mobility is changing the market because it reduces wear and requires new technical components. The more intensive distribution of software in cars is shifting the focus of the aftermarket business from the provision of classic spare parts to update services. In addition, the increasing networking of cars is impacting on the aftermarket business - it offers predictive maintenance instead of fixed workshop appointments.

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