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February 27, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
DSP IP boosts automotive radar/lidar performance
Cadence has developed a new IP for its Tensilica ConnX DSP. Under the name B20, this IP can speed processing of automotive radar and lidar sensor systems up to ten times. The secret of the speed boost are a deeper pipeline and significant instruction-set enhancements.

This flexibility allows customers to choose higher precision only when needed. In addition, an extended VFPU option enables support for complex floating-point operations and doubles the real floating-point operations at the same vector width typically used in the front end of the radar processing chain. The communications option accelerates forward-error correction (FEC) in lower bit-rate communication applications seeking software-defined radio solutions.

“Autonomous driving requires high-resolution sensing to distinguish separate objects at a distance. The addition of more antennas enables increased radar resolution, which requires a corresponding increase in DSP performance,” said Mike Demler, senior analyst at the Linley Group. “Lidar systems have the necessary resolution but are too expensive for wide deployment today. However, new solid-state implementations are changing that and need some DSP programmability as the algorithms and designs mature. Tensilica ConnX DSPs have been used in multiple automotive sensor and communications applications, and the new ConnX B20 and B10 DSPs offer new levels of performance and energy efficiency that are required for next-generation devices.”

General availability for both the ConnX B20 and B10 DSPs is planned for the second quarter of 2019.

More information. https://www.cadence.com/go/connxb20.


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