E-bike drivetrain combines motor with adaptive transmission

December 16, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
E-bike drivetrain combines motor with adaptive transmission
Valeo has adapted its 48V motors to bikes, resulting in what it claims to be the most high-performance electric assistance system for bikes to date, since it combines performance, efficiency, intelligence, comfort and robustness and ease of use. With this combination, the company intends to serve the needs not only of e-bike manufacturers, but also of companies producing electric motorcycles, scooters, and last-mile autonomous delivery droids.

Valeo claims that its Smart e-Bike System is the first solution in the world to integrate both an electric motor and an adaptive automatic transmission in the pedal assembly. With this system, the bike adapts to the cyclist, and not the other way around, promises Valeo. The gears change automatically and the system’s algorithms adapt to the amount of electric assistance the cyclist needs.

Previously unavailable on the market, the Valeo technology developed in partnership with Effigear comprises a 48V electric motor and a seven-speed automatic, adaptive gearbox in a single unit located in the pedal assembly, providing the best electric assistance for bikes to date. Given the motor’s torque of 130 Newton meters, it can multiply the cyclist’s effort by a factor of 8, while comparable systems offer only up to a fivefold boost. Used on a cargo bike, the system allows a cyclist carrying a 150kg load to climb a 14% gradient (the equivalent of a parking lot ramp). In addition, the 48V motor at hand is more efficient that the 24V or 36V motors installed on the vast majority of e-bikes today.

The adaptive automatic transmission uses an algorithm to understand and instantly adjust to each person’s needs, taking into account their riding style and journey. The Smart e-Bike System includes an anti-theft function integrated directly into the pedal assembly that, when activated, blocks the use of the bike.

More information: www.valeo.com


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