An easy way to analyse EMI problems

September 11, 2019 //By A Delapalisse
An easy way to analyse EMI problems
The R&S® RTO/RTE digital oscilloscope is a valuable tool for analyzing EMI problems in electronic designs. High input sensitivity, high dynamic range and a powerful FFT implementation are key features for capturing and analyzing unwanted emissions.

When debugging electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems, the electronic design engineer faces the challenging problem of identifying the sources of unwanted emissions and developing a solution for them. Often, the only information that comes back from the EMC test laboratory is a spectrum curve indicating the frequencies where emissions are critical or violating the limits. Repetitive testing at the EMC compliance laboratory to identify and resolve the problem is costly and often significantly delays the product launch.

The R&S ® RTO/RTE digital oscilloscope is a powerful instrument for debugging EMI problems on the design engineer’s desk. In combination with a near-field probe set
it allows the designer to quickly locate and analyze EMI problems. High dynamic range and high input sensitivity of 1mV/div ensure that even weak emissions can be analyzed.
The R&S ® RTO/RTE fast Fourier transformation (FFT) implementation provides a fast update rate and the FFT frame overlay processing and persistence display allow insights
into the structure of unwanted emissions. This helps the designer to quickly detect the source of the emission.

To get full insight into the use of an oscilloscope for debugging EMI problems, download the white paper here


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