EB rolls Augmented Reality software framework

November 28, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
EB rolls Augmented Reality software framework
A new software toolkit from Elektrobit (EB) enables the development of advanced head-up displays for a safer and better driving experience; the downloadable interactive demo allows developers to test Augmented Reality (AR) HMIs.

With EB arware, as the framework is baptized, human-machine interface (HMI) developers can create solutions that provide additional AR information via a vehicle's Head-Up Display (HUD). This includes data that complements existing navigation information. Examples are the display of distances between vehicles or the marking of lanes to support lane keeping functions.

In addition to the EB arware software package, Elektrobit provides a free interactive demo download to help HMI developers better understand the product. The demo allows the user to experience and play back real sensor data recorded in an EB test vehicle as well as show various functions of the product. These include the display of near-field information and the highlighting of Adaptive Cruise Control.

In combination with Elektrobits multimodal HMI-Toolkit EB GUIDE, EB arware enables vehicle designers to create a unique, brand-specific experience in the vehicle and thus secures a competitive advantage for automobile manufacturers. EB's tools enable developers to more quickly and easily develop advanced HMIs with components that contain critical elements of systems for highly automated driving. These include sensors and data fusion.

More information:   www.elektrobit.com

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