EEPROM is faster and withstands more heat

January 18, 2021 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
EEPROM is faster and withstands more heat
With the BR24H-5AC EEPROM series, chipmaker Rohm is targeting automotive applications: The device remains working under ambient temperatures up to 125°C. Designed to store parameters such as factory settings for onboard cameras and sensors, airbag operating history, and data logging for onboard systems, this EEPROM also reduces initial data writing tome by 30%. And it has a longer service life.

The BR24H-5AC series EEPROMs is, according to the vendor, the first in the industry to achieve a writing time of 3.5ms by implementing original data writing and reading circuit technology, reducing writing time by 30% compared to the 5ms of conventional products. Additionally, in contrast to standard products capable of just 1 million rewrites, the BR24H-5AC series guarantees up to four million writing cycles by data endurance, which not only extends application service life, but is ideal for data loggings requiring frequent data rewrites.

In the automotive and also in the industrial equipment sector, safety and traceability requirements make it necessary to store the operating history in non-volatile memory in the system. Among these, EEPROMs are typically adopted over other types of non-volatile memory such as flash memory in applications that require high reliability, including onboard cameras, airbags, industrial automation systems and servers, due to their ability to reliably write and store data under harsh conditions. 

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