Electric truck from Sweden celebrates its premiere

April 13, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Electric truck from Sweden celebrates its premiere
Volvo Trucks presents its first all-electric truck for commercial use: the Volvo FL Electric. Due to its low noise emission, the electric truck is primarily intended for urban delivery traffic, waste management and similar tasks.

The FL Electric weighs 16 tons. Its motor is designed for a maximum output of 185 kW at 130 kW continuous output. The maximum torque of 425 Nm is transmitted to the rear axle via a two-speed gearbox and a PTO shaft. The truck can be equipped with two to six Li-ion batteries for a maximum range of 300 km and can be charged either via the 22 kW AC mains or with up to 150 kW using the CCS/Combo2 standard DC charging system. The charging process takes one to two hours for quick charging, and up to ten hours for night charging from the AC mains.

Thanks to cleaner air and less noise in the city, residential construction and infrastructure measures can be planned more freely than is currently the case. Electrically powered trucks that do not emit exhaust emissions are suitable for indoor terminals and environmental zones. Thanks to their low noise level, they can do more work at night and thus reduce the amount of traffic during the day. As part of the project "Off Peak City Distribution", the effects of night-time goods traffic on Stockholm's city centre were examined. Since the trucks did not have to run during rush hours, they only needed a third of the daytime time to complete their orders.

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