Electric vehicle slims down at the push of a button

May 12, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Electric vehicle slims down at the push of a button
In response to the challenges of urban mobility, Polish startup company Triggo S.A. has developed the mini e-car of the same name. The vehicle offers a variable geometry and thus saves valuable parking space. A fully functional prototype has now been presented; series production could start in 2021.

The variable undercarriage of the electric car allows two modes of operation - "normal" for driving at relatively high speed and "manoeuvring", whereby the electric car should not take up more space than a two-wheeled vehicle. The concept of the Triggo car is aimed at the fast-growing market of "Mobility as a Service" in the urban transport system with the perspective of also being used as an autonomous robo-taxi with a driving range of 100 km in the future.

With its variable geometry, the vehicle requires just one fifth of the parking space of a normal passenger car, says the manufacturer. Other features such as its low unladen weight and replaceable batteries with a standardized form factor are also geared to the intended type of use in shared operation. The trick, however, is its variable geometry: at the touch of a button, the Triggo can also vary its front axle between normal width and "extra slim" - even while driving. Thus, the vehicle width can be reduced from 148 cm in normal mode to just 86 cm in manoevering mode. This allows it to reduce its track width in dense urban traffic, which also makes parking in narrow parking bays easier. In this configuration, the vehicle as a turning radius of just 3.5 meters. At full speed, the chassis can be extended back to its normal width. To increase cornering stability, the tiny two-seater will lie down in the curves. As the technical basis for future digital services, the Triggo is equipped with all-digital drive-by-wire control systems.

More information: https://triggo.city


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