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January 12, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Electromobility: The big leap has yet to come
The annual Electromobility Index from consultancy Roland Berger and the fka automotive technology research institute (Aachen, Germany) certifies Germany and France the leading positions in terms of technology. Though the market shows growth in all regions, the market share for electric vehicles is still very low.
almost 50% of the world’s demand on cobalt is served by the Congo. Lithium is extracted mostly in Chile and Australia; two thirds of the world’s supply come from these two countries.

The supply of raw material and the production of battery cells therefore are factors that underlie certain political risks. For instance, the electromobility market in China is served to more than 90% by lithium-ion batteries from local production. For this reason, Chinese manufacturers are ranking high in the study, including their share of the global cell production. As a consequence, China holds the top spot in industrialization, ahead of the US and Japan.

In China, sales of electric vehicles have more than doubled over the past year. Therefore, the country has jumped to the second spot in the market category – behind France where the market share of electric vehicles continues to be higher than in China. Also the growth in France is high at 50% per year (in Germany it is the same, the study says).

Under the bottom line however, the market share of hybrid and battery electric vehicles exceeded only in France and China the 1% mark – still a rather unsatisfying percentage, finds Roland Berger expert Thomas Schlick. To meet the fleet emission limits that will be applied across Europe from 2021 onwards, this market share needs to be significantly increased. To increase the customer acceptance, the consultancy suggests that OEMs now put the emphasis on better comfort when charging by reducing charging time. “To this end, we need full coverage for the fast-charging infrastructure”, Schlick said.

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