European project strives for better workplace lighting

February 05, 2019 //By Julien Happich
European project strives for better workplace lighting
Conducted as part of the Repro-light project, a pan-European survey revealed that current lighting in the workplace is not satisfying end-users and their needs, while at the same time having a big impact on productivity and human well-being.

As part of the project’s first phase, the survey, conducted by consortium members Bartenbach GmbH and Mondragon University, set out to investigate what end users really want in their workplace lighting in order to develop a user-centric lighting design solution for the future.

1100 workers across Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria were asked to consider their working environment’s lighting and what changes they would like to see that could improve their productivity, mood, and performance.

56% of end users said they would like the better work place lighting. An astonishingly high level as workspace lighting should follow a strict lighting design code (e.g. EN. 12464-1), which guarantees, for instance, that a certain level of brightness is reached in a workplace. The survey showed, that the individual requirements for the lighting differ, showing that personalized lighting is needed to satisfy all the users. The results go to show that women significantly more often encouraged an improvement in workplace lighting, and the workers over 50 showed a greater desire for improvement of work place lighting.

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