Exterior lighting becomes communication factor

October 22, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Exterior lighting becomes communication factor
At a press workshop, Volkswagen showed how vehicle lighting can be used to improve safety. In the future, car lighting will no longer only be about the principle of "seeing and being seen", but also about communication with other road users.

Volkswagen designers are using new technical options in the development of lighting. The primary aim here is to further develop the lighting functions of today's cars and thus optimise road safety in present. In addition, lighting designers and engineers are looking to the future. Because tomorrow's autonomously driving cars will confront road users with new situations in everyday life - such as the lack of eye contact with the driver.

This is where new, interacting lighting functions come into play. According to Volkswagen engineers, the new lighting systems will include micro-pixel HD headlamps with up to 30,000 light points and high-performance LED headlamps as an alternative to laser light. The micro-pixel HD headlamps will project information directly onto the road for the first time, thus further improving safety.

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