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December 14, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Fast-charging network refuels e-vehicles in 15 minutes
The companies involved in the FastCharge research project have commissioned the prototype of a 450kW charging station. Here, electric vehicles can refuel within 3 minutes with enough energy for a range of 100 km. A full charging process from 10% to 80% of the battery capacity takes about 15 minutes.

Rapid charging is intended to increase the attractiveness of electric mobility. Increasing the available charging capacity to up to 450 kW - three to nine times the maximum power available at previous DC quick-charge stations - will significantly shorten charging times. FastCharge is investigating which technical requirements for vehicles and infrastructure have to be met in order to be able to use the high charging capacities.

The basis for fast charging is a high-performance charging infrastructure. The energy supply system from Siemens used in the project makes it possible to test the limits of the fast charging capability of vehicle batteries. It can operate with voltages of up to 920 volts, as expected in future electric vehicles. Both the electronics for the charging connections and the communication interface to the electric vehicles were integrated into the system. The charging controller automatically adjusts the output power so that different electric cars can be charged with the same infrastructure. The modular architecture of the system also allows several vehicles to be charged simultaneously. A charging container with two charging connections was realized in the project for connection to the public power grid: One connection has a unique charging capacity of max. 450 kW, the second one delivers up to 175 kW.

Cooled HPC (High Power Charging) charging cables from Phoenix Contact are used to meet the requirements for fast charging with this high power. An environmentally friendly water-glycol mixture is used as the cooling liquid, which means that the cooling circuit can be designed half-open. This makes maintenance comparably easy compared to hermetically sealed systems that work with oil.

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