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April 03, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Flow cell vehicle reaches 350.000 km maintenance-free
Experimental car maker Nanoflowcell has announced that its prototype sports car Quantino 48V has covered 350.000 kilometres with practically no maintenance. And the vehicles’ somewhat mysterious power conversion unit could be mass-produced at a surprisingly low price.

While the blog post provided no information whatsoever as to the begin of series production for the vehicle as such, the company said it is currently working on solutions for series production of the nanoflowcell membrane. Likewise, the volume production of the company’s secret electrolyte liquids (called bi-ION®) is being prepared.

Swiss-based company nanoflowcell is developing a sports car with a somewhat mysterious drive principle: the company uses two electrolytic liquids, the mixture of which is used as an energy source to generate electrical energy. The voltage generated in this way is fed into a low-voltage network (48V) and used for propulsion. Two predecessor versions of the Quantino 48V are said to have reached ranges of 600 and 800 kilometers respectively with one tank full - although the two tanks had a combined capacity of almost 200 litres, significantly more than the fuel tank of a conventional series vehicle. 

The Quantino 48V is the world’s only long-range electric vehicle that does not work on potentially hazardous high voltages, the company claims. Instead, it runs on safe 48V. The electric system is buffered with supercaps. The energy then is converted to AC – the vehicle is driven by a single AC asynchronous motor with a maximum power of 80 kW / 108 hp. It delivers a maximum torque of 200 Nm to the rear axle.

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