Futuristic transport platform uses autonomous electric tractor units

September 12, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Volvo has presented an ambitious development project for future transport solutions: The vehicle under development is autonomous, modular and electric. The vehicles are used as tractor units and are compatible with existing load carriers and trailers.

The primary development goals of the system are improving efficiency, safety and ecological footprint in transportation, Volvo Trucks said. The long-term goal is to offer companies that need continuous transport services between fixed hubs a complement to today’s offerings.

In terms of development, Volvo assumes that demand for road-bound transport capacity will continue to rise. “Everything suggests that the global need for transportation will continue to significantly increase in the coming decade”, said Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks. To meet this demand, it will be necessary to exploit existing infrastructure better than currently. The transport solution under development is intended to be used for regular and repetitive tasks characterised by relatively short distances, large volumes of goods and high delivery precision. Transports between logistic hubs are typical examples, but additional use cases can also be applicable.

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