Graphite material boost for thermal management

December 21, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Graphite material boost for thermal management
A new type of Graphite Thermal Interface Material (TIM) from Panasonic Industry provides efficient thermal management of power modules

Panasonic Industry has developed a new version of its graphite thermal interface material (TIM) for power modules.

Handling heat is a major challenge when operating power modules in demanding industrial or automotive designs. The EYGR graphite TIM is highly compressible, reducing the thermal resistance by filling the gap and the unevenness on the surface of both power module and heatsink to boost the thermal dissipation performance rather than using a liquid or grease.

The material has a thermal resistance of 0.2 K∙cm2/W (at 600 kPa) and a thermal conductivity in X-and Y- direction from 200 to 400 W/m∙K, respectively 28 W/m∙K in Z-direction. This enables reliable cooling by high heat transferring performance and wide operating temperature range from -55 to 400℃ for power module in many electronic devices

The material is aimed at applications such as inverters, converters, automotive control units, medical equipment or server infrastructures that can benefit from higher reliability, longevity and applicability.

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