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April 19, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Hella and Volkswagen partners on LED matrix Headlamps
The Touareg of the latest generation just had its world premiere in China, featuring one of the most powerful lighting systems on the market, LED matrix headlamps jointly developed by Hella and Volkswagen.

In the Touareg, all this is fully automated via the activated "Dynamic Light Assist": the LED matrix headlamps not only turn on and off independently but adjust the light to the respective environment, topography and traffic situation. Across many different signals, the car recognizes whether it is in the city or on a country road, on the highway or off-road -- and where other road users might currently be. The very precise operation of the LED Matrix Headlamps throughout ensures that the lights are never glaring. The driver will thus at all times be supported by the best possible illumination without bothering other road users. The system also avoids the glaring of Touareg drivers themselves when spotlighting traffic signs, since the camera-based light also reacts to signs for which it will then temporarily dim the LEDs. Even reflections caused by rain-slicked roads are noticed and reduced. The additional illuminating power is clearly noticeable for drivers.


Hella – www.hella.com

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