Hella shrinks taillight optics to micro dimensions

January 20, 2021 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hella shrinks taillight optics to micro dimensions
Micro-optics technology opens up new design possibilities and functional advantages in the taillight sector.

As in electronics in general, the miniaturisation trend is also unstoppable in the automotive industry in order to reduce installation space and weight and thus ultimately save energy. Vehicle components that are visible to the outside also have the task of conveying an emotional message (in marketing parlance: brand identity) and thus appealing to the customer. A new technology developed by the lighting and electronics specialist Hella for combination rear lamps is intended to fulfil this double task. FlatLight technology is intended to combine functionality and design.

This is made possible by an innovative light guide concept based on micro-optics. These are optical lenses smaller than a grain of salt.  The optics, which are only a few micrometres in size, allow the diffraction properties of light to be utilised. "This will fundamentally change light signatures as we have known them up to now," believes Frank Huber, who is the Managing Director responsible for the Lighting Division at Hella.

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