High-accuracy vehicle positioning to within 50cm without correction data

November 24, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
High-accuracy vehicle positioning to within 50cm without correction data
The UMSZ6 Series from Alps Alpine and Furuno Electric enables lane-level vehicle positioning contributing to autonomous driving advancement

Alps Alpine and Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. enrich the recently remarkably crowded field of suppliers in the field of high-precision navigation: The two companies have jointly developed the UMSZ6 Series GNSS1 Module realizing high-accuracy positioning to within 50 centimeters without correction data, a world-first for automotive applications.

Even on general roads (approx. three meters wide), the module reliably enables vehicle positioning down to the lane level, as is required of various V2X2 applications, thereby contributing to greater sophistication of autonomous driving functions. With a view to undertaking sales promotion activities worldwide, efforts will be made to enhance the degree of completion of the product through performance evaluations involving demonstration testing. We aim for a start to mass production in 2023.

Cars capable of Level 3 automated driving, where the system carries out all driving tasks but under restricted conditions, such as during expressway or low-speed driving, have also recently been developed. Some are already on the market. However, the spread of Level 3 autonomous vehicles and further advancements in autonomous driving functionality will depend on the availability of vehicle positioning that is more user-friendly and even more accurate.

The high positioning exactness is achieved using a multi-frequency GNSS receiver chip based on Furuno’s Extended Carrier Aiding3 technology. Running costs associated with RTK4 base stations, correction data receiving, and correction data use are no longer needed, maximizing cost performance, while reliable vehicle positioning down to the lane level is possible even on general roads. Alps Alpine expertise in module creation was applied to realize compact dimensions of 17.8 × 18.0 × 3.11mm while conforming to automotive grade, contributing to greater freedom for customers in end-product design.

Under the joint development, Furuno has developed and supplies an original multi-frequency GNSS receiver chip – eRideOPUS 9 (model ePV9000B) – and algorithm. Alps Alpine is using the chip before anyone else to create and commercialize the UMSZ6 Series GNSS Module and will carry out

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