High-speed lidar scans and classifies vehicles

June 05, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
High-speed lidar scans and classifies vehicles
Cepton Technologies, provider of 3D lidar solutions for automotive, transportation, industrial and mapping applications, today announced the latest addition to its SORA family of line-scanning products. The SORA-P60 is designed for intelligent road and rail transport infrastructures. It enables precise 3D scans, automated classification of objects and volumetric scanning.

The lidar sensor with Cepton's patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT) delivers an impressive 1,200 scan lines per second, making it possible to scan objects that move very fast. Combined with SORA-Edge, Cepton's Edge computer hardware, the sensor becomes a powerful mobile object classification and volume measurement device that can send its data to a central server via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE.

The Cepton SORA-P60's three scan lines, each scanning at 400 Hertz, can even scan and classify objects moving at highway speed. This means that the size of the towing vehicle and trailer can be measured in real time while driving.

The SORA-P60 completely eliminates rotational and friction components, so the sensor is insensitive to mechanical wear. In addition, it has a robust housing designed for harsh conditions, salt fog and low temperatures.

The SORA-P60 is not intended for use in vehicles. Rather, the sensor is intended as a supplement to systems for automatic license plate recognition. In this application, the sensor can locate the position of the license plate. This reduces the computing requirements for computer-aided automatic license plate recognition systems.

The sensor is currently being tested on a toll motorway section in the USA.

Further information: https://www.cepton.com/SORA-P60 .

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