High-voltage cable family targets electromobility

April 30, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hivocar cables
With the introduction of its Hivocar range of cables for high-voltage power supply in electric cars, Leoni AG, manufacturer of energy and data management systems for the automotive industry, underlines the importance of electromobility for its business.

In electric and hybrid vehicles, the power supply and the connection of components by high-voltage cables play a special role. Leoni has developed the Hivocar product range for this purpose. Hivocar cables transport the current from the charging socket to the battery and from there via the inverter to the electric motor. They serve the internal wiring of the battery and supply other high-voltage components, such as air-conditioning compressors or electric heating, with energy. This makes them the cores of the power electronics and the HV wiring system.

The use of high-voltage cables in the electrical systems of vehicles with alternative drives places high demands on the design of the cable, its electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties and on the materials used. The Leoni Hivocar family meets these requirements as well as the high safety standards and strict market requirements, in compliance with the ISO, SAE, JASO, LV standards.

The cables are characterised by stable and reliable electrical properties and very good thermal resistance up to a continuous service temperature of 200 °C, and even up to 250 °C in the short term. According to the manufacturer, they also reach an excellent level in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and mechanical strength. Further properties are mechanical flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Special insulation materials (fluoropolymers, thermoplastic elastomers, crosslinked polymers, silicone) are selected for high-voltage applications. In addition, Leoni is working on the development of a highly flexible, temperature-resistant silicone-free cable variant which, however, has the positive properties of silicone. This makes it an innovative alternative to silicone cables.

The Hivocar cable is available in single and multi-core versions, with copper or aluminium conductors, e.g. as twisted pair or spiral cable, with or without shielding - depending on the application. Various designs can be implemented according to extensive customer requirements.

More information: https://www.leoni.com/en/press/

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