Highly accurate, cost-effective pressure sensor for automotive applications

September 28, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Highly accurate, cost-effective pressure sensor for automotive applications
Renesas' new RAA2S425x product family integrates various analogue and digital functions to optimise development time and cost of pressure sensors for brake, transmission and HVAC systems in xEV/EV/FCEV applications.

The RAA2S425x ICs support all major pressure sensor technologies and feature a high-performance analogue front end (AFE) for enhanced signal conditioning. The new devices offer advanced analogue sensor offset compensation (XSOC) that is adjustable to almost all resistor bridges. They provide pressure and temperature measurements with high accuracy (0.35 % to 1.0 %) over a wide temperature range (-40 °C to 150 °C).

The product family features a high level of integration of advanced digital and analogue functions. These simplify system design and significantly reduce the cost of system components as well as production effort on the customer side, Renesas promises.

The RAA2S425x family of ICs features an integrated 16-bit RISC microcontroller that provides digital compensation for offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and non-linearity. The microcontroller includes non-volatile memory (NVM) for secure storage of calibration coefficients and configuration data in demanding automotive environments. The RAA2S425x communicates digitally with calibration systems, reducing noise sensitivity. Furthermore, digital calibration reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for complex sensor element trimming. By integrating overvoltage and reverse polarity protection circuits, ASIL-B compliance, excellent electromagnetic compatibility and comprehensive diagnostic functions, the concept offers an optimal solution for safety and automotive applications, Renesas is convinced.

The manufacturer has combined the RAA2S425x family with complementary MCU, analogue and power products to provide its recently announced "Winning Combinations" for pressure sensing of brake, transmission and HVAC systems in xEV/EV/FCEVs applications. Renesas offers more than 250 Winning Combinations of highly compatible components for a wide range of applications and end products.

https://www.renesas.com/win , https://www.renesas.com/RAA2S4251B  

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