HiPhi X e-car comes with smart matrix lighting system

September 16, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
HiPhi X e-car comes with smart matrix lighting system
Chinese electric carmaker Human Horizons has announced to equip its upcoming model HiPhi X with a world’s first: A programmable and customizable matrix lighting system that not only can detect pedestrians, but also offers a broad variety of lighting modes.

Never heard of Human Horizons? You better should. The China-based manufacturer of premium, all-electric cars has announced an innovative lighting solution for its upmarket HiPhi X BEV that is unparalleled in the Western automotive industry. This lighting system comprises dual-core modules with programmable matrix lighting (PML) and intelligent signal display (ISD) panels. 

PML is equipped with an electronic control unit (ECU) capable of directly controlling the headlight and its associated micro-mirrors. When the vehicle’s infrared camera detects a pedestrian or any other traffic participant, the ECU will compute an appropriate solution within milliseconds: The path and brightness of the light is changed by modifying the angle of the micro-mirrors, thereby allowing an adaptive lighting approach which ultimately provides for safer driving.

HiPhi X is the first model in the industry to combine infrared night vision technology and smart headlamps in this way. The night vision capability allows the PML to detect objects and people with more precision and allows the light to shine further. HiPhi X can simultaneously perform real-time detection on up to six entities including pedestrians and vehicles within 400 meters range at night.

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