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November 26, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Holst Centre and Fraunhofer FEP unroll the world's longest OLED
At a stunning 15 meters in length, the OLED roll produced by Holst Centre and Fraunhofer FEP is believed to be the world's longest single-device OLED, opening the door to 'endless OLEDs' that manufacturers and designers could then easily tailor to their own needs.

It is the first OLED source produced using a unique R2R process that combines the performance of an evaporated OLED stack with solution processing of auxiliary layers. Moreover, the combination improves the process reliability and enables fabrication of devices of any length.

To produce the device, Fraunhofer FEP deposited an indium-tin oxide (ITO) anode onto a protective multi-layer barrier film produced by Holst Centre. The roll was processed at Holst Centre, where slot-die coating was used to structure the anode and deposit the first layer of the OLED stack. Fraunhofer FEP then evaporated the rest of the OLED layers and finalized the devices by lamination of Holst Centre barrier. The resulting devices have a good homogeneity and an efficacy of 15 lumen/W at a light output of 1000 cd/m2.

"Roll-to-roll production promises higher volumes and lower costs for flexible electronics applications like OLEDs. At Holst Centre we have been developing a unique, solution coating roll-to-roll line for 10 years. The 15-meter OLED shows that the technology is now ready for industrialization, and can deliver cost-effective, high-volume OLED production," explained Pim Groen, Program Manager at Holst Centre.

Fraunhofer FEP - www.fep.fraunhofer.de

Holst Centre - www.holstcentre.com

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