Hypervisor meets ASIL-B, allows mixed criticality applications

November 16, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
OpenSynergy has launched a new release (v 9.1) of its automotive-rated hypervisor technology. This virtualization platform is centered on the ASIL-B COQOS Hypervisor that provides Freedom from Interference as defined by ISO26262, empowering integrators to use applications of mixed criticality. Since the hypervisor has been developed with a safety compliant software development process and toolchain, the COQOS SDK eases the task of integration for ASIL-B use cases and provides a powerful solution to run multi-purpose systems on a single platform.

The COQOS Hypervisor, which is the core element of the SDK, provides functional safety for the specific requirements of automotive applications. It creates virtual machines (VMs) that can host multi-purpose operating systems such as Linux or Android and real-time operating systems. This makes it possible to perform functions with different requirements on real-time behavior or which have been developed according to different safety levels on a single system-on-chip (SoC). Moreover, the COQOS Hypervisor ensures freedom from interference between the VMs and allows controlled communications between them.

The COQOS Hypervisor has been developed as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) in accordance with the ASIL B requirements of ISO 26262:2011. An SEooC is a safety-related element which is not developed for a specific system or vehicle. OpenSynergy is working towards a formal certification. ISO 26262 applies to the electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems in mass production passenger cars. Safety in this case means functional safety, which is concerned with developing products that are distinguished by the absence of unreasonable risk. The standard requires an assessment of the confidence in the correct operation of the tools used for development.

The integration of the COQOS SDK into a component or a system developed according to ISO26262 is supported by the COQOS Safety Kit. The Safety Kit includes a Safety Manual which describes how to use the hypervisor safely.  It contains evidence of compliance with ASIL-B, and summary reports of the development process, tool confidence analysis and test results.
More information: www.opensynergy.com


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