Hyundai invests in Deep Learning computer vision startup

November 06, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hyundai invests in Deep Learning computer vision startup
Through its venturing arm Hyundai Cradle, Korean carmaker Hyundai has made a strategic investment in Israeli Deep Learning company The startup is focusing on techniques for computer vision for automotive use. The partnership with will allow the carmaker to speed up deployment of AI technology in many business areas.

Founded in 2016, offers an end-to-end Deep Learning (DL) lifecycle management solution focused on deep learning as it applies to computer vision. The company’s platform simplifies the process of developing and managing deep learning-powered solutions - such as autonomous vehicles, drones, security, logistics and others.

Deep learning computer vision is regarded as one of the core technologies that can be applied to autonomous driving to navigate roads and make quick decisions in realtime. According to Hyundai Cradle , is an innovation leader in that field. With the move, Hyundai also is enhancing its presence in the Israeli market; the investment at hand is Hyundai’s fifth in an Israeli company. At the same time, the company announced that its activities will continue to grow the coming year. is a deep learning computer vision platform, which provides a comprehensive data and product lifecycle management solution for deep learning development and production, beginning with computer vision. Investors include MizMaa Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Hyundai Motor Company, Dynamic Loop Capital and Gandyr.

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