Ibeo launches improved lidar reference toolchain

May 18, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Ibeo launches improved lidar reference toolchain
Lidar sensor manfufacturer Ibeo has developed a new, improved toolchain for its automotive lidar sensors. Based on the experiences with its ibeo.reference toolchain in the past years, Ibeo’s new version now offers a complete solution for the validation of driving functions as well as ADAS and AD systems.

The new version of the toolchain consists of lidar sensors for environmental detection and online data recording combined with software solutions for the generation of Ground Truth data. And now, for the first time, our toolchain is also open to selected third-party lidars. With its new features and hardware included in the R1 2021 version, the ibeo.Reference Toolchain is the single source for the entire validation process. The products includes a new ECU with updated hardware specifications and the next generation of its ibeoOS NG operation system pre-installed. This operating system also features a new, intuitive GUI to ease handling and configuration. Further features include an online monitor displaying the status of most system components during recording, a package overview page as well as logging and configuration of these packages.

In addition, the toolchain includes the SyncBox Pro: Time synchronization seems like a minor issue, but when it comes to highly precise Autonomous Driving and ADAS evaluation projects, microseconds do make a difference. In a standard country road scenario, in which the ego vehicle and an oncoming car each travel at 100 kph, a timesync jitter of just 25 milliseconds causes a distance error of +/- 1.4 m. The SyncBox Pro reduces such jitters down to one millisecond, resulting in a distance error of only +/- 4 cm. It ensures the synchronization of all components while supporting many different connection and protocol types, and acts as a compound or hub between the system’s “time zones”. Additionally, the device can sync itself and other systems to a given time. If no external time master is given, it can also act as a master itself.

The new ibeo.Reference-Toolchain now also supports selected lidar devices from third-party suppliers. Furthermore, it enables the simultaneous operation of sensors from different manufacturers to accommodate any use case – a feature that increases developers flexibility, enabling them to validate systems using a wider range of lidar sensors

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